Shaping the future of data and analytics

DataIQ Leaders is a fast growing learning community of proven data and analytics professionals from across all sectors. Together with members our purpose is to rapidly advance the profession of data and analytics, developing their teams, driving data strategies into organisations and firmly into the boardroom.


Skills Development

Ensure your teams are equipped with the soft skills to match their technical expertise and see your data function flourish.


Capability Assessment

In-depth assessment of your organisations data and analytics capability and benchmark against the wider industry.



Exclusive research and insight reports aimed at addressing the challenges faced by you and your teams.


Peer Network

Learn and share in confidence with a network of data and analytics leaders at face-to-face events and via digital network.


"The feedback from my team has been outstanding – both at a functional level (where I think we have probably earnt our subscription fee back in the value my team have got out of the training) and also at a strategic level through the various networking events."
Andrew Day, CDO, Sainsbury’s
"I can’t praise your events enough. Last night’s dinner was another that just showcased what can be achieved when the right people come together and the thinking that can be triggered "
Alex Kapellos, senior manager in consumer analytics Cancer Research UK
"I personally have made some really strong connections with other CDO’s and we have started sharing plans and ideas more informally. I would wholly encourage you to join up."
Andrew Day, CDO, Sainsbury’s
"This has made me more effective in the way I present information and will generate change in the business because of this."
HD, Severn Trent
"I loved that we could hear examples from other businesses and find out that we actually had similar challenges"
KJ, Boots

What is the DataIQ Leaders programme?

DataIQ Leaders is a unique membership programme for leading practitioners in data and analytics. It comprises a broad range of intimate, confidential, business events that offer unrivalled peer to peer learning and networking along with rich, relevant content. Together it is your opportunity to gain invaluable insight and ideas, test your strategies and investment plans, face to face with thought-leaders, industry guru’s, academics and most valuable of all – fellow data leaders.

High-performing businesses are five-times more likely to have analytics as a key element of their business strategy
(Source: Accenture Institute for High Performance

DataIQ Leaders is developed by the same team that established DataIQ as the independent, credible voice which leads the conversation around the use of data and analytics by organisations. Since launching in 2011, (with initiatives including the DataIQ 100, which highlights the most influential people in data-driven business and DataIQ Talent Awards), we have always had a strong focus on the most important resource in the data industry - you.

What's in the Programme?

  • Executive Dinners
  • Inspiration Sessions
  • Leadership Roundtables
  • Workshops
  • Data Digest Webinars
  • Online Resources
  • Confidential Networking


Upcoming DataIQ Leaders events

Benefits & Features

These are the key benefits to leaders, teams and organisations and the DataIQ Leaders service elements that drive them.

Considerable Peer-to-Peer Learning

To stimulate ideas; to assess new technologies and vendors; to challenge and develop your data-driven strategies.

  • An exciting range of confidential, intimate roundtables, dinners, workshops and exclusive inspirational seminars from guru's and industry leaders
  • Attending all DataIQ paid conferences

Greater Recognition

Drive the value of your data-driven strategies, from you and your team's achievements

  • Consideration for inclusion in the Annual DataIQ 100 most influential people in data-driven business
  • One team and individual entry into the Annual DataIQ Talent Awards
  • Opportunities to speak at high profile DataIQ events
  • Publish opinions and blogs at

Accelerated Career

Accelerated personal and career development for you and your team

  • From increased recognition and insight
  • Should you leave your organisation you will be welcome as a member until you start with your new organisation

Increased Knowledge

Increase both your knowledge and expertise

  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • DataIQ Leaders Knowledge Bank - credible, robust, meaningful and exclusive statistics, market metrics, benchmarking, research analysis and briefings

Founder Members

Members who join the programme at its foundation will receive additional benefits

  • Invited to join the influential DataIQ Advisory Council
  • Extra team place in membership worth £2,500 plus vat
  • Feature/profile in new DataIQ Membership Journal

DataIQ Leaders will transform the performance of your business

  • DataIQ Leaders will deliver revenue growth, faster cost savings, greatly reduced risks and increased profits


Find out more about how our programme can benefit you, your team and your organisation