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Head of customer analytics and research, Barclays
Tue, 13/11/2018 - 18:30 to 21:30
Chiswell Street Dining Rooms, 56 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4SA

Because we’re worth it - making the business case for data and analytics

Data and analytics teams are expensive, especially those which have been brought together into a centre of excellence. As organisations set their budgets for next year, any function with a significant ask for funding will come under scrutiny for its value delivery, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

With a number of companies deciding to break up their DACEs and repatriate the skills into lines of business, the pressure is mounting to make a stronger business case which makes the argument for sustained investment unarguable.

So what are the core elements that keep the board backing D&A? Are teams taking the right measures of the impact so they can show a clear return on investment? And how closely aligned is this to embedding data and analytics into the DNA of the company so that other functions continue to demand that this resource be made available to them?

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