DataIQ Leaders Events

Founder & Principal Consultant, Laughlin Consultancy
Mon, 14/01/2019 - 09:30 to 16:00
etc. Venues, Marble Arch

Data visualisation

In this workshop, analytics practitioners & leaders will have opportunity to learn from data visualisation theory & the practical experience of a senior data insight leader. This practical workshop will explain both the importance of data visualisation and how to implement principles in practice. The lessons learnt can be applied to a range of software tools & visualisation capabilities. So, this workshop is suitable for both those with only rudimentary experience of graphing data, as well as more seasoned professionals already using dedicated visualisation software.


Delegates cover topics including:

* Why data visualisation matters

* Different types of data & tools

* Chart options & visual encoding

* Advanced options (including interactive visualisations)

* Design principles & honesty

* Embedding visualisation in your processes


The day includes plenty of interactive exercises. Paul also shares specific tips for visual communication, that worked for him during his successful leadership career. Finally, all delegates get to takeaway a laminated ‘aide memoir’ of visualisation options, copies of all slides & references for online resources and further personal development."

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