DataIQ Leaders - For You.

For Leaders. Like You.

At the heart of any data and analytics team, you bring the skills, knowledge, passion and drive that transform what your organisation is capable of.

From reporting to prediction. From insight to operation. From proof of concept to indispensable resource.

Your opportunities are exciting and your challenges considerable. They include assessing the latest technology, selecting new systems and platforms, developing your data-driven strategies, organisation and the capabilities of your team. Not least gaining the recognition you deserve for the success your data-driven approach will deliver for your organisation.

Tangible Benefits of DataIQ Leaders

  • Peer to Peer learning will help you drive new ideas, improve strategies and achieve greater success from ‘getting the inside stories’ on technologies, vendors and what really works for your colleagues in organisations across a broad range of industry sectors at the exciting range of confidential roundtables, dinners, inspirational webinars.
  • Greater recognition within your organisation from your team’s successful data-driven strategies and activities.   DataIQ Leaders membership means you will be considered for inclusion in the annual DataIQ 100 list of the most influential data leaders, you can enter DataIQ awards, speak at our events and publish opinions for our 8,000 plus community.   Together they could significantly raise your, your teams, your organisations’ profile.
  • Accelerated personal and career development for you and your team from the increase in recognition from your involvement with DataIQ Leaders.   Also, members that leave their companies enjoy continued membership of DataIQ Leaders for up to 12-months or till you join your new employer.
  • Increased knowledge and expertise from peer to peer learning, our broad events programme and the on-line DataIQ Leaders Knowledge Bank comprising credible, robust meaningful and exclusive statistics, market metrics, benchmarking research, analysis and briefings.
  • Further benefits for Founding Members with the opportunity to join the influential Advisory Council, an extra team membership worth £2,500 plus VAT and opportunities for features and profiles in a new DataIQ Leaders publication.
  • Further transform the performance of your business.   Active involvement in DataIQ Leaders will deliver revenue growth, faster cost savings, greatly reduced risks and increased profits for your organisation

What's in the Programme?

  • Executive Dinners
  • Inspiration Sessions
  • Leadership Roundtables
  • Workshops
  • Data Digest Webinars
  • Online Resources
  • Confidential Networking



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