DataIQ Leaders - For Your Team

For the team you lead

Not only will you experience the benefits of DataIQ Leaders. So will the team you lead.

We recognise that leaders rely on the commitment and skills of the people working in their data and analytics functions. For individuals on the front line, the day job can be rewarding and also exasperating.

49% say their biggest recruitment challenge is the quality of available candidates - 52% say their solution is to upskill existing staff 
(Source: DataIQ Analytical Investment survey)

To achieve that, you need a blend of professional qualifications, career experience and technical abilities. You also need to be able to take others with you on that journey - the board, your team, your business partners.

You understand - you have been there. So you’ll recognise the value built into our programme from the events and activities designed to support your team. And delivering higher employee satisfaction, retention and productivity to your business as a result.

DataIQ Leaders workshops for team members focus on the ‘softer skills’ ensuring your team is comfortable with storytelling, building empathy, negotiation skills, making the business case – all are as important as the ability to crunch numbers, write code or specify tasks.

Developing and maintaining those skills can be a challenge in the face of daily demands. So, too, can maintaining a view of the broader context in which data and analytics are operating, from innovations and disruption to legal and social change.

DataIQ Leaders facilitates this through a programme of workshops, all aiming to help your team succeed in their career and drive your organisation forward.

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  • Data Digest Webinars
  • DataIQ Events
  • Online Networking



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