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James Morgan
Former head of information management and strategy, Sainsbury's
Tue, 27/11/2018 - 08:30 to 11:30
Soho Hotel, W1D 3DH

Tech talk - we need it, but do we understand it?

Data and analytics require a lot of technology, but not always the same stack as the corporate one. Even if working with existing tools, the data and analytics team will need to forge a good relationship with IT and may also need to implement additional systems. So much so that at one DataIQ Leaders event this year, the question was asked: “Is data management turning into IT?”

So how deep does the knowledge and engagement with technology need to go? Do practitioners need to retain their abilities to code, integrate or specify based on a solid understanding of tech? How important is it to maintain a current knowledge of solutions beyond those already being used?

With new tools constantly being launched by both incumbent vendors and new entrants, any decision to migrate or transform can look daunting just because of the IT issues that arise. At the same time, too much focus on technology can lead to the specific needs and understanding of data and analytics getting lost. So where should D&A set the balance?

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